Slide of the month (SOTM) April. More than 37bn € investment in upcoming rail infrastructure projects poised to transform Africa’s transportation network

The rapid population growth in Africa is generating ample prospects for international companies. One of our clients, a large travel retail operator, tasked us with creating their Africa strategy.
Being one of the largest distribution channels, the railway network has the potential to grow further in the next couple of years. Many African countries recognize infrastructure development’s role in supporting economic growth and development. As a result, investment in transport infrastructure, including railways, ports, and highways, has become a priority for many African governments.
The African Integrated High-Speed Railway Network (AIHSRN) has put forward an ambitious plan to connect all the capitals of African countries, as well as major cities and ports, through a high-speed rail network. The AIHSRN is part of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, a long-term strategic plan to transform the continent into a prosperous and integrated region.
We furnished our client with a comprehensive report with all the upcoming projects in the sector along with strategic recommendations based on the findings. Additionally, we identified key partners, offering guidance for future entry and expansion.
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