Find out more about our vision, as well as our short- and long-term goals.

Bridging for us means building bridges. With Africa, the rest of the world and within the continent. We connect companies, ideas, projects as well as people and offer them a bridge to develop their potentials together in cooperation with us.

We believe in the African potential. These potentials are in the connection to and from Africa as well as within the continent. Potentials are defined for us as all possibilities to create an added value. Those can be personal as well as financial added values. With enthusiasm, we search, discover and promote these potentials.

Our vision

Bridging potentials by being the key accelerator for business with and in Africa.


Providing reliable & local information about Africa for our clients as a basis for forming decisions on how to operate successfully in Africa. This is done through market research, strategic advisory and business development support.

We are in Africa offering a multicultural perspective on business in Africa. Our long-term Africa experience, local networks and a diverse team on the ground enables us to provide insights on Africa which are reliable and accurate. Our team culture is agile, client centric, inclusive, empowered and fun.

Our purpose is to foster investment & trade locally as well as to create wider impact and engagement with Africa.