Fast-track your Africa success: Overcome five critical Africa strategy hurdles. (Part 1)

Overcoming common challenges when creating your 2024 Africa strategy

Over the last two decades, Africa’s markets have increasingly captivated international companies. Examples of fast-growing African cities are Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Dar es Salaam and Cape Town.

By 2050, Africa’s population is projected to be over 2.5 billion, presenting immense business opportunities. According to the United Nations, the world’s population will rise to 10.9 billion by 2100, with most of the growth driven by Africa. Can you imagine the opportunities for business growth in Africa resulting from this population expansion?

After working with 120+ clients on 160+ projects in Africa over the last 13+ years, we have outlined specific challenges that hinder seamless market entry.

More than 96% of businesses face the following hurdles when embarking on their Africa strategy.

  1. Lack of information
  2. Finding reliable partners
  3. Understanding cultural differences/diversity
  4. Lack of resources
  5. Business environment

In this special value-packed series, we will be dissecting each hurdle, and we will give you actionable steps on how to tackle that problem. We will also share some key insights that have helped our clients, and hopefully, this can also assist you as you plan for rest of the year and beyond.

Stay tuned for the next post.


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