Slide of the month (SOTM) March. 77% of German chemical companies see a big potential in Africa

How much untapped potential does Africa possess, according to German chemical industry companies?

According to the current CHEMonitor trend barometer by CAMELOT Management Consultants and the trade journal CHEManager, 77%+ of the managers surveyed from the German chemical industry expect a significant increase in Africa’s standing in the sector. 86% regard Africa as a primary hub for raw materials, while 82% consider the continent a sales market.

Additionally, increased green energy from Africa will significantly contribute to achieving global climate targets. According to 85% of CHEMonitor respondents, Africa will produce enough renewable energy to supply itself and other regions making the continent an important strategic partner for Europe in terms of the successful implementation of the EU Green Deal.

There is still plenty of untapped potential in the chemical segment on the continent. This poses a great opportunity for companies interested in the sector.

Based on these and other findings, africon provides practical recommendations to guide clients in their Africa strategy. The chemical industry is one of the key sectors for africon, with more than 35 projects executed during the last years.

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