Your Africa strategy should be as individual as your business.

No matter whether we identify key markets for you or implement your local strategy: Our services are highly geared to your individual requirements. One factor however remains constant: africon reduces costs, time and risks when growing your business and ensures more business success in Africa.

We reduce time, costs and risk for a market entry in Africa

Our projects are tailored to our clients needs. These are questions and problems we regularly work on. However, problems can be diverse and so are our projects.

Country prioritization

Key industry identification

Regional trends and drivers evaluation

Africa road map development

Growth opportunity assessment

Market research

Competitor analysis

Market entry recommendations

Product feasibility analysis

Market size, growth and segments identification

Partner introduction

Business development support

Business and delegation trips support

Donor organization funding consultation

Product feasibility analysis

Strategic analysis

Project management assistance

Research and market identification

Partner selection and negotiation support

Donor organization funding consultation

Our service portfolio centers around business in Africa

We undertake the analysis of your target market in Africa, deliver concrete research results on selected countries, develop your individual Africa strategy together with you and take on business development and project management locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for us?

For our clients, africon develops market strategies and supports in their implementation. What exactly we can do for you depends on your starting position and your desired target. Generally speaking, we can help you determine promising target markets, understand markets in detail (market sizing, partner identification, country strategies, pricing etc.) and help you become (more) active there.

What can you do differently when compared to other consultancies

Hands-on approach:

Data on African markets is difficult to obtain for many of our clients. We rely heavily on information, data and perspectives we gather locally from the markets with strong own teams on the ground. This helps our clients to obtain first-hand insights directly from the markets, instead of relying on incomplete or inaccurate secondary information.

Long term experience locally:

Without own large local set-ups and experiences, many of our clients are uncertain about how to approach the markets. We have been active in our field for more than 10 years. During this time, we have collected an immense wealth of experience, networks and market know-how that we can leverage in the benefit of our clients.

Focus on Africa:

Africa is a different place to do business than other regions and in itself hugely diverse. We operate in the different environments daily and have found solutions to many of the challenges our clients encounter locally

Is africon distributor or comission agent?

No, we do not act as a commission agent, nor do we buy products to resell them in Africa or vice versa.

Which countries in Africa does africon cover?

We can implement client projects on the entire continent. We have own teams in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania, as well as South Africa. We cover other markets either though travels or research partners on ground.

We do not cover the Middle East, any Asian countries or other parts of the world.

We already have Africa covered. We are successfully present in South Africa, Maghreb and Egypt. What else can you do for us?

While North and South Africa are often major markets, there are hundreds of millions of consumers, hundreds of billions in GDP and immense growth opportunities in between these two regions. Additionally, markets in sub-Saharan Africa (excl. South Africa) are often still less competitive than those in North and South.

How do you structure your projects and how is payment done?

We start by agreeing with a prospective client on a project proposal, that outlines exact deliverables, project aims (project scope) and a price. Once the proposal is approved, we start the project. We charge a fee over the course of the project, typically 40% upfront, 40% during the project and 20% upon satisfaction of the client.

Can africon support in registration/licensing of products locally?

Yes, we can help you understand what requirements are, who local stakeholders are, how registration of various products takes place locally and so on. However, we are not lawyers and might at some point subcontract to such from our local networks.

Can africon help us to open a local legal entity?

Yes, we can help you understand the process, requirements, find local service providers, office locations and others. However, we are not lawyers and might at some point subcontract to such from our local networks.

africon offers services in 3 broad categories: prioritisation, in-depth country projects and implementation support. Can we only order a service from one of the three stages, or do we need to order a full project with all 3?

Yes, you can always order services from only one category. In fact, the categories are only a broad categorization and not always clear-cut. Each project scope differs from the others. We are flexible to find solutions to a number of challenges our clients face.

Do you have experience in my sector?

We are active in a wide range of markets. For a break-down, kindly see the reference site on our homepage.
Please note that we however regularly work in new markets as well, in which we can still make use of learnings from other areas. We are happy to provide references to clients whose sector we did not know prior to our engagement with them.