XCOM Africa becomes member of SAVE FOOD initiative

XCOM Africa GmbH is a new supporting member of the SAVE FOOD initiative and as a result is backing the fight against worldwide food waste. The focal point of cooperation is the African continent.
In many countries of the world people have to starve because the food has perished before it reaches the consumer. In Africa, too, considerable food losses in the value chain are an issue that has to be taken seriously. In joining the SAVE FOOD initiative XCOM Africa would like to place the focus on this message and develop solutions with all partners.
“In a study we have established that today Nigeria is already the largest consumer market in Africa”, says Marc-Peter Zander CEO, XCOM Africa GmbH. The population of Nigeria will increase to 326 million people by 2050. The demand for food will be correspondingly high. “Today as many as 87% of Nigerians still obtain their food from so-called informal markets. As African countries frequently suffer from not having the necessary means or know-how to protect fresh food from perishing, packaging solutions could be used to improve food handling in these countries. As XCOM Africa, one of our aims is to bring German companies and their solutions to Africa. This approach will enable food in Africa to be protected from perishing in future”, Zander said. Read more here !

Um den deutschen Mittelstand bei der Erschließung der afrikanischen Märkte zu unterstützen, haben das BRS-Institut [...]

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