Slide of the month (SOTM) October. The printing industry in West Africa

A handful of prominent global players dominate the printing industry in Africa. The continent has significant potential with an overall printing machine market of about USD 850 million. While some African markets such as South Africa, Egypt, or Nigeria have established printing industries, smaller countries remain unserved.

africon was contracted by a large printing machine supplier to analyze the printing sector and to identify leading firms and distributors of printing machines in West Africa. The goal was to find the most appropriate partners and potential customers for the client.

Therefore we conducted primary and secondary research. While analyzing country information and industry reports, we researched several contacts and ran screening interviews. We generated a shortlist of approximately ten potential distributors or partners. We organized a business trip, with the client to meet these companies and gain valuable insights on the ground. After the trip and by the end of this project, the client understood West Africa’s position in the printing machinery market. They got new sales leads and choose one local partner out of two shortlisted ones fulfilling their requirements and showing strong interest in a long-term cooperation.

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