Slide of the month (SOTM) September. Agricultural exports from Africa

One of the most vital sectors in Africa is agriculture because it provides employment for more than half of the population and food. The continent also has the most unutilized arable land in the world.

africon has executed many projects in the farming sector in the last decade. One common question we receive from our clients is about the exports of agricultural products from Africa to other parts of the world. Our findings reveal that, Cote d’Ivoire is the top country exporting cocoa, nuts, rubber and fruits. South Africa, Ghana and Kenya also follow, each country with its product category mix. The top exports from Africa are coffee, tea, cocoa, and cotton & Europe has been a principal landing place for this produce.

Many African governments have prioritized the growth of the agriculture sector. The rapidly growing population and economic activities in additional industrial sectors pose an excellent opportunity for international firms.

africon provides international companies a comprehension of the market challenges and offers solutions to position these companies optimally. We devise market strategies and give recommendations to companies interested in key markets in Africa.

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