For East Africans: How to prepare for a Messe Dusseldorf trade fair in Germany

africon GmbH, is the official representative of Messe Dusseldorf in East Africa and we created this guide to make your preparation for Germany less complicated.

Are you looking to attend any of the Messe Dusseldorf fairs in Germany? Are you from the following countries that we represent? These are Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan .

We can help you with figuring out your VISA application process.

Here is a list of trade fairs in Dusseldorf, Germany that we represent in East Africa.


1. If you have a valid passport, book for visa appointment.

Book for visa appointments early as there is always a waiting list of even 3 weeks.

Book for visa appointment Kenya

Book for visa appointment Tanzania

Book for visa appointment Ethiopia

Book for visa appointment Rwanda

Book for visa appointment Uganda

Book for visa appointment Burundi

Book for visa appointment South Sudan

2. Pay for the trade fair ticket online.

We do not provide free tickets and visitors and exhibitors have to pay for their tickets online.

MEDICA ticket shop 

ProWein ticket shop

wire ticket shop

Tube ticket shop


TourNatur ticket shop

drupa ticket shop

boot Dusseldorf ticket shop

EuroShop ticket shop


interpack ticket shop

VALVE WORLD EXPO ticket shop

A+A ticket shop

MEDICA & Compamed ticket shop

3. Get all your paperwork ready for visa application

Check the required documents you need in your respective German Embassy websites. Each country has its checklist.

See links at (1) above

We can provide you with a confirmation letter to show that you will be attending the trade fair. If you require a confirmation letter, kindly send an email to

Please include the following

  • Name, company and official work title
  • Attach a passport copy
  • Attach the trade fair ticket in step (2) above.

4. Book for flights and use booking for visa application

You will use your flight booking to apply for visas.

5. Apply for visa

Embassies require that you appear in person at the embassy in your respective countries.


  • Remember to carry your printed appointment that you got in your email and all your relevant documents.
  • Sometimes people take old bank statements. Remember to carry recent ones.
  • Remember to check the visa fee requirements on the respective embassy website

6. Get your visa and pay flights

As soon as you get your visa, you can firmly pay for your flights.

7. Prepare for trade fair

Every trade fair has its own website where you can find so much information on exhibitors, visitors, conferences and so much more. You can even set meetings before hand.

If it will be your first time attending a trade fair in Dusseldorf, see this great resource that will help you know how trade fairs in Germany look like and what you can expect.

MEDICA website

ProWein website

wire ticket website

tube website 


TourNatur website

drupa website

boot Dusseldorf website

EuroShop website


interpack website


A+A website

MEDICA website

8. Attend trade fair in Germany.

We wish you all the best as you travel to Germany.


  • If you have a company inviting you for the trade fair, you can request them for an invitation letter. NB: Some embassies ie. German Embassy in Ethiopia require that you have originally signed documents and not photocopies. Ensure that you contact us early enough to arrange how you will receive the letter from our Germany office.
  • We are not a travel agent and do not apply for a visa for you. All we do is give you the relevant information and provide you with a confirmation letter as stated in step (3) above.
  • We cannot contact the embassy on your behalf. Every embassy requires that applicants submit their documents in person.

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