africon and Quantron AG join forces for eMobility in Africa

eMobility has been a key topic in Africa with the rising need to electrify different modes of transportation. There is a large number of e-mobility innovations stemming from small and medium-sized companies in different countries in Africa.

africon has executed projects for clients in the eMobility sector and related fields like transport, automotive, and logistics. One recent notable liaison has been with Quantron AG, which is a key player in  the fields of eMobility, eEngineering, and eBattery. The company has been providing eMobility solutions to passenger and freight transport in Europe. They electrify new commercial vehicles  in a quiet and emission-free way. They also offer their own new electric utility vehicles.

africon and Quantron AG are joining forces to increase the representation of these solutions in Africa. We already see areas of application in the field and will be discussing them with the relevant stakeholders.

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