You are invited to “Speak to our Africa experts”.

Africa is home to the world’s fastest-growing population with rapidly increasing urbanization rates in many countries.

While Africa’s markets contain great opportunities, numerous international firms face challenges when doing business on the continent. A key reason is the very significant differences in the business environments in Africa, and those in other global markets. One such challenge is that Africa’s markets are not easy to tap into, and differences between countries are often huge. Another issue is missing/conflicting information on the size and composition markets.

Firms intending to expand business in Africa need to “do their homework” regarding numbers. They need to understand the differences between total market sizes and accessible market segments. Different options regarding the routes to market need to be evaluated based on costs, risks, and benefits. In many cases, the process of finding and selecting the right partners locally plays a critical role as gaining “local know-how” and access to strong distribution networks is key to success.

You are probably positioned strongly around the world and plan to expand in Africa as your next growth frontier. Or you are already in a few African countries and plan to expand to more in 2022.

You are cordially invited to our event, Speak to our Africa experts, happening on February 8th and 9th 2022. In this event, you will get the chance to speak to a sector expert on the opportunities and challenges for your business in Africa. In the individual tailored meetings and virtual expert talks, you will discover the opportunities for your business in Africa. Our sector experts will work out your options, assess the prospects of success and clarify the most important questions that you might have.

Who this event is for

The management of companies interested in having strategy discussions about Africa.

Job Titles: CEO, Sales Director MEA/EMEA, Marketing Director, Senior Vice President EMEA/MEA, Head of Corporate Development, Commercial Director, Head of Strategy

We look forward to sharing our time and value with you.

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