“Women celebrating achievements in the workplace and beyond” session with Ms. Roshni Walia

Self-promotion is a vital tool for any career advancement. In order for people to grow in their career, they need to be visible and promote their skills and expertise. Studies have found that women promote themselves less often in the workplace. According to a National Bureau of Economic Research paper, women graded themselves lower than their actual capabilities on test performances even though they had good average scores. Minimized self-promotion, visibility, and ratings have affected women in terms of pay and roles in the work place.

africon constantly drives initiatives towards women empowerment within the company, and this month, we invited Ms. Roshni Walia, who is a Chief of Staff at Maisha Meds, to share some vital tips on encouraging women towards active self-promotion at work. The event had Ms.Tei Mukunya (CEO of NatureLock and an advisory board member at africon), and the wonderful women of africon in attendance.

After the discussion, we were able to break limitations around the perception of self-promotion, thereby encouraging the women to use their voices more. As most companies are now working virtually, self-promotion is even more difficult to actualize. We have been addressing this through consistent support and reassurance towards our women, and we will continue to help them grow their potentials at work.

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