Slide of the month (SOTM) March. Operational and upcoming railway lines in Nigeria

Several African countries have ongoing and planned rail projects. Africa’s largest economy is developing the rail sector to improve the poor transport infrastructure. africon recently completed a project in the railway sector in Nigeria for one of our clients who manufactures rail components. The project aimed to give an overview of the industry in terms of ongoing and upcoming projects.

africon spent about 4 months meeting with key local decision-makers and experts in a very challenging market environment. The Nigerian railway network consists of 3,505 km narrow gauge lines and 364 km standard gauge lines. There are several operational lines with multiple ongoing inter-state and light rail projects across major cities in Nigeria. The figure below maps some of the operational lines which we covered in the course of the project. We also provided more invaluable insights & data and gave strategic recommendations about the sector to our client.

Below, you will also find some pictures that our team in Nigeria took.

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