Slide of the month (SOTM) January. Internet speeds across Africa

For an increasingly digital world, fast internet is a key driver of growth. As anywhere else, internet speeds in Africa vary greatly between countries as this slide shows: while for example Madagascar has a download speed of around 32 Mb/s, faster than that of the UK, and countries like Ghana and South Africa have speeds of above 20 Mb/s, others still lag behind.

In the project this slide stems from, a client of africon and digital services company was looking for potential future sourcing locations in Africa. africon analysed indicators such as the above to prioritize countries according to their sourcing potential for the client. Though internet speed was an important determinant, a critical factor was to also consider further KPIs, such as the cost and availability of other means of production. An analysis of a mix of various critical indicators finally led to an East African country being ranked as number one. The next target is now to jointly establish a local presence in this country for the client.

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The pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape in Africa is still nascent but presents opportunities for foreign companies.

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