Maharit Woldeghiorghis joins africon as Head of Business Development

We are excited to announce that Maharit Woldeghiorghis has joined africon GmbH as Head of Business Development. Maharit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of fintech and economic development within African countries, making her a valuable addition to our dynamic team.

Maharit is an accomplished professional with a bachelor’s degree in Economy and Marketing from the University of Bologna. Additionally, she holds two master’s degrees in Communication and Growth Management. Currently based in Italy, Maharit has gained extensive experience working with both national and international companies.

Her expertise lies within the fintech and mobility ecosystems, where she has successfully contributed to significant and sustainable growth throughout various business cycles. Maharit’s professional journey has included working closely with companies in Ethiopia and Tanzania, further enhancing her understanding of these markets and their unique dynamics.

“After my impactful experience in Africa, specifically focused on remittances, I have developed a strong knowledge of fintech and economic development within African countries. Joining the vibrant team at africon GmbH fills me with joy and motivation, as it allows me to expand my knowledge further and acquire new skills. I am eager to contribute to the dynamic work environment and make a meaningful impact.” Maharit says.

At africon, Maharit assumes the role of Head of Business Development, and she will be responsible for driving strategic initiatives, fostering client relationships, and identifying new business opportunities.
We warmly welcome Maharit to the africon team and look forward to the valuable contributions she will bring to our work. Her deep expertise in fintech and passion for economic development in African countries will undoubtedly bolster our commitment to driving sustainable growth and creating lasting impact across the continent.

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