Slide of the month (SOTM) October. Ethiopia’s baby food market size has doubled over the last 8 years

In a recent project, africon researched the infant formula market in Ethiopia for one of our clients in the FMCG sector. Ethiopia is Africa’s second-largest populated country and the region’s fastest-growing economy.

Our findings reveal that Ethiopia’s baby food market, estimated at $44 million, has witnessed a twofold increase within the last eight years. There is a notable shift in consumer behaviour with a growing inclination of mothers towards infant formula, marking a departure from the previously prevalent use of cow milk for infants. Within the packaged baby food segment, infant formula and cereals emerge as the most popular choices. Interestingly, the infant cereal segment is predominantly led by local manufacturers, capitalizing on their efficient supply chain management and cost-effective production.

Our thorough exploration of Ethiopia’s infant formula market provided actionable insights for our client. With a keen understanding of these shifts, our client is well-positioned to navigate this industry.

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